How to Decorate a Wedding Car

 Wedding cars can add the perfect touch to this very special day, capturing the overall themes of the wedding and making a statement for the bride’s entry.  With another distinct decoration of the wedding vehicle is are the ribbon or flowers. The ribbon to be purchased and tied to the car must be at least 2 inches wide. Real flowers of silk ones may be attached to the wedding car with the ribbon. Balloons are also good decorations on the car. The vehicle's antenna, should it have one may be decorated with a streamer, bulb or a flower. Trying out a classical wedding car practice by tying some empty beer cans using strong and durable ropes or strings on the rear bumper of the car. It is recommended that the car window be not heavily decorated as this may obstruct or block the driver's view out of the window. Concept and glitters in the interior part of the car may seem appealing and fun.

Every bride and groom wonders if the wedding car will be decorated. You don't want to disappoint them. While some people decorate cars nicely, some are ruthless. It is important to take the feelings of the couple when deciding how to decorate.

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