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Married is a dream of each person. The core of marriage is to build a happy family until old age. Therefore, marriage is a sacred and beatify. Wedding dress is one of the important moments in it. Wedding gown with the involvement of a professional designer gown that guarantee comfort.

2009 Wedding Dress -TOP Bridal Gown Asia-

White wedding dress Asia

The clothes are a witness in your life during the wedding. White wedding dress is a symbol of purity intention to build a family. This shirt is a perfect design of a leading fashion designer.

Size : S, M, L
Waist : S = 26 M = 29 L = 31
Chest : S = 33 M = 36 L = 38
Color : Off White
Production Year: 2009
Producer: Angel Paris
Designer: Angel Ko
Stock : 3 pc (s)

Contact Person :

Anto:08128033462 Ella:08161938105

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022 Bille Bridal Dress Collection
022 Bille Wedding Dress Collection

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021 Bille Bridal Gown Gallery

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Bille bridal gown Collection

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