Wedding Cars Decoration With Flowers

Wedding Car Decoration with Fresh Flowers and dramatic effect of wedding car decoration. Having said that, I do not mean you decorate your car with roses or orchids from hood to trunk. Simply tie a beautiful bouquet of your favorite flowers on the hood. Alternatively, you may also get a heart shaped wreath and fix it on the hood. Tie small corsages to each handle of the car. Professional car decorators or florists can suggest you several decorating ideas. However, be prepared to shell a hefty amount if you are going for fresh flower decoration. Or silk flowers look very classy and are apt for formal weddings. Off white silk flower corsages or a large heart shaped wreath looks absolutely stunning. Silk flowers are available in various colors, however you should stick to red or cream silk flowers for bridal car decoration. You can also use semi precious stones or other embellishments to go with silk flowers.

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