Cool Wedding Car Decorations

Car decorations gives a nice touch to your wedding car. Most couples use white ribbon or doll beautiful with some other elements to decorating their wedding car. You can learn to do this as professional wedding car decorators does.

One of the most pleasurable sights in a wedding is to see the happy couple getting away on their wedding car. A wedding car  requires beautiful decorations to set it apart from other cars. A wedding car can be decorated with fresh flowers, silk flowers, ribbons and streamers. To inject some humor into your friends wedding, you can have funny wedding car decorations that is sure to get you lot of smiles in the bridal party.

Traditionally, decorating the newly married couples car is the responsibility of friends and you can have a lot of fun doing it. Many friends write naughty messages and jokes on the windows of the car to make it humorous. Here we will discuss some funny wedding car decoration ideas that you can use for decorating the happy couples car.

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