Britain's Royal Wedding

All of Britain is looking forward to the British royal wedding of the sums held 29th Be April 2011. Prince William, second in line of succession will marry Kate Middleton, and how it is created, the Kingdom is ready for a big party. Festivals and events are planned in England, to Cardiff, Wales in the lead with 30 requests for events that have already been made, more than any other region outside London.

British royal wedding at the weekend will be a four-day holiday, and come shortly after a weekend of four days of Easter, it is only three days normal work between the two weekends, so it is perhaps not the best time to to come to London to be to do business. Prince William seems to be clear responsibility for all the works, as it has apparently won a fight with older courtiers, who pleaded for a later time and the chance of better weather. And although a number of visitors and the rich and famous head of state is, Prince is far more excited that children, volunteers and homeless people in a single "Royal Wedding represented his people." William took a keen interest in the plight of the homeless.

The only question that Prince William had been affected, was the place of marriage, previously chosen the beautiful chapel of St. George at Windsor Castle. But the word in the circles of the palace is that the only people to hear William's grandparents, the Queen and Prince Philip are, and they convinced him in the place where they get married, married in 1947. So with that advice from the Queen, all the more poignant because of his connection to his mother, is the royal wedding of Britain in Westminster Abbey in 2000 capacity. It is an impressive building, a section from the pre-Norman times about 1000 years ago. It contrasts with the breathtaking feeling of the parish church, and I think it can be as simple as building of historical significance in the UK. In addition, it is located in Westminster, so that people are more involved in the parade and celebrations in the region.
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It is already clear that Prince William, in an event where he is in the middle of the stage, seems to have a clear goal of the Spirit. Unlike his father, Prince Charles, who has a penchant for wringing hands in difficult situations, when he decides wedding dress designer something, he does it. He also realizes that if he probably does not set a precedent by doing things his way now he will never be able to do so in the future. So it is clearly a sign of the kind of king he will be one day.

Royal wedding of Britain promises not only an important wedding dresses event, but also a great time, and believe me, have not the Brits know how to party. So to come to London to take part in the celebration.

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