Flowers For Weddings

Some of the colors are good throughout the year.
In winter, such as cream and white are good options. The autumn flowers have warmer shades such as burgundies, orange, claret reds, coppers, olive greens and dark pinks. In spring, cooler shades are again in use. These are often delicate and include baby pink, lilac, sky blue, mint green and silver shades. Summer shades are the hottest. Magenta, scarlet, yellows, are good colors.

The weddings flower colors have different meanings as well. For example light blue shows happiness and patience; dark blue symbolizes change; green is for fertility, growth, money etc; orange shows energy; pink is for friendship and love; purple is a symbol of meditation and spiritualism; red is courage, passion, health, protection and strength; yellow is attraction, intellect; and white is a symbol of purification, peace and protection.


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